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The Blue Angels have been performing before the public since 1946.  This website is open to the public for general information about the Blues.  We welcome you to this new site.  The Members section is exclusively for our BAA who are former Blue Angels, Honorary and Associate Members.


As we celebrate 100 years of Naval Aviation, we also celebrate 65 years of the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels flew their first air show in Jacksonville, Florida on the 15th of June, 1946. We have over 200 members in the Blue Angels Association. Some of us, like Al Taddeo, go back to the very first team. We are a very unique group who were fortunate to be selected to represent Naval Aviation and our country.
The main purpose of this site is to gather stories, photos and memories from these past years of experience and share them for now and posterity. We have gathered archived team photos from each year, many photos from our traditional 5 year reunions and have information on upcoming events as well as the current Blue Angels schedule.
Most of us have gotten on with our lives after the Blues, but oh, what a great time we have at our reunions. This site is meant to be a reunion in motion for all of us to stay in touch, share stories, however embellished, photos and information.



To promote the general welfare of the United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, “The Blue Angels”, and its predecessor organization, The United States Navy Flight Demonstration Team, and to preserve and maintain the high standards, customs, and traditions of these organizations and the members and former members thereof.

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October 4th , 2012

12 Annual Blue Angels Golf Tournament, October 11, 2012. [more details]

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